Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Prosperity Fund Payments To Be Released

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com
According to Dan Lutz, prosperity fund payments will be released on August 17, 2015, creating instant abundance for everyone on our planet.
In an interview with Tracy Davidson, Lutz shared some exciting revelations about a world full of abundance for everyone. Lutz spent two weeks in Laos and met four times with a person referred to as “M1″, who represents the top 128 world families. M1, according to Lutz, means “Monetary One” who represents all of the monetary wealth for those families and has control over all of their trust funds. Included in this wealth are undisclosed amounts of gold, silver, precious stones, and other “treasures” and was the foundation of the current financial system when it was originally set up.
Lutz stated, “The plan that they’re following is called ‘The Plan of the Experts’. The Plan of the Experts is where they used a royal breeding program to bring one person forward and it took them seven generations to take the 128 families to bring it to one (person). And that person would then have control over all of the trusts and through a system of checks and balances, would be able to bring the wealth of the planet to the people so everybody would share in the abundance.”
According to Lutz, M1 paid off all of the world debt “in payments 1 through 11″, including prepaying the debt that the IRS would tax them on. “Each payment is for a specific purpose. Like all of the countries debts, basically it’s under 25 countries that are getting all of the payment to pay off everything under one (of the 11) payments. Each one (of the payments) represents something else. Once that’s all paid, on top of that, there’s the human obligation and that’s basically to share the wealth with every person on the planet.”
“He (M1) prepaid the tax on paying off all of the debt. Just like any other debt that’s out there, whether it’s personal debt, credit cards, mortgages, or anything… the idea is basically to pay everything else off. It’s only a fraction of what’s available to him, under his control.”
“They have to accept the payments by mid-August… August 17th of this year (2015).”
Lutz stated there would be a monthly payment for every adult and child along with a much larger amount that’s available to every person on the planet as well. According to the Google doc posted on Dan Lutz’s Facebook page, $6,000,000 would be allotted per person along with $1,200 per month per adult and $600 per month for expenses.
Additional plans include the building of Green Cities that are not based on the scarcity model.

Bankster suicides

One must question if the recent rash of bankster suicides are related to this information. A recent headline on May 29th, 2015 read, ” 29 Year Old Banker Jumps To His Death From Luxury Apartment, After Returning From Vacation“. Is it possible that these banksters were going to blow the whistle on the prosperity funds?

Savoir role

We’re seeing a lot of people coming forward who are playing the “savior role” in these fabricated “end times”. Is this possibly another distraction from something else that’s going on behind the scenes that is completely unrelated to this? By August 17th, 2015, this question will be answered. As always, question everything.

The cons of instant abundance

Lutz stated, “Giving everybody abundance will lift all of the weight off of everybody. He’s (M1) going to basically pay off everything so that everybody can then be free from that burden.”
Imagine if everyone was entitled to $6 million dollars or more?  Do you think the fry cook would still be making french fries at McDonald’s?  How many businesses would immediately shut down?  How much would your money REALLY be worth if eventually, there was nothing to buy because no one wanted to work anymore? In my opinion, this would be the ideal situation that would lead us into a system such as Ubuntu or the Venus Project because it would be at that point in time that people would finally realize how worthless money truly is and how we never needed it to survive.
If everyone was wealthy beyond imagination, then what would be the motivation for anyone to work? For example, Walmart relies on the cheap foreign production for the majority of their stock in order to keep their prices low. If the people of these countries were all wealthy, then there would be no products to import. The same scenario would follow for grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and any other business that economic slaves are needed to run.

Rabu, 06 Mei 2015



         UN-APPROVAL NO. MISA 81704/CTU-24/2015

Greeting Ladies and Gentlement, people of LAO P.D.R and all delegates;

I AM, , Soegihartonotonegoro-M1 with Collateral Asset Series 1-4.... General Land
Over Authority, All Land, Property and Estate in the Land of “ VAN EIGHENDOM
VERPONDING-CONVANEL UBS”, the Land of Mining, the Land of Plantation, the Land of
Agriculture and the Land of Transportation... Certificate Code 99.98 on behalf The Return of
Asset’s Fund of Funds Z.1-Financial Account Owner to Dynasty Mojopahit Mataram
Hanyokrowati Soerokarto Hadiningrat from The Kingdom of Indonesia by NEO THE

I come here to evoke a truth of history and awakening to the world. My life is NOT
my own and belongs to a greater purpose. You the People Of LAO P.D.R are the forefront of
this purpose and Emperor of Mission as I stand before you today.

History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am
here to reveal it to you for the sake of saving people and opening a new paradigm. As you
may Know or Not Know the world as at the door of a great change and world affairs are
climaxing to a point of destruction.

This can be remedied, and global war can be stopped. I will release the great Assets-
Income-Personal Organization under my power that were once feted to be released by
SOEKARNO’S Dream from coming true but was NOT completed due to an fated to an
asassination and Coup D;etat that prevented JHON F. KENNEDY and SOEKARNO’S
Dream from coming true. I offer this to the People of LAO and the World under NWA-NEW
WORLD AGREEMENT that I, only have the power to Close and Reopen.

I have offered and granteed the release of this contract to LAO P.D.R for the Global
movement of printing the new asset backed Global and National ESTWO Currency for LAO
P.D.R and the World. This is the Global Inheritance that is promised to the people of the
world, and I am here to be with the People of LAO P.D.R to OPEN this New Inheritance.

The world will be changed forever, and you will help the world usher in a New
Paradise with true value of sacred labor, honored by real Assets. The new work of Global
Renewal will be initiated with the SWISSINDO Venus Project that will rebuild your
infrastructure and bring new technologies and suppressed technology to LAO P.D.R and the
WORLD, ......and it begins here with construction of the New National Hall For The National
Assembly . LAO will also lounch the Global Inheritance program called The HUMAN
Obligation, whereby every living man and women will receive a Guaranteed Amount of
living expense that will be distributed by the BANK OF LAO P.D.R. and Situation Offer
Contract Payment Order 1-11 Cash-M1 with New Additing The WORLD BANK, in the name
INTERNATIONAL ORBIT SOLE CO.LTD. under Authority Mandate Owner and Control.

You the People of LAO are the stewards and example to the world for change and
peace. Act in accordance with Love and understanding and be proud, honour your
neighboring countries and change your thoughts and actions to match this Great Work.

Congratulations!      With Exhibit’s AB, SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST
INTERNATIONAL ORBIT SOLE CO.LTD.  as New Generating Good Contents for support to
Global Changing and Financial Changing. To day His Excellency of Ceremony under grand
design on this Planet, full extent of law with Objective and Absolute Title.

Governing Global Development System is NOT given  to any institution, considering  it is part of the protection, the prevention of fraud and conspiracy  and international and only by 1  person only. ID-Micro  Film  History  Certificate  Code  99.98 Series 1-4  Holding Asset’s- Income-Personal   Organization.  The   Parent  Body  Of The Guardianship  Of  Individuals HOLDING  SWISSINDO  ASSET'S  Indonesia-Cirebon-Aston.  This  is  Individual  Interpreted. TheStaff is NOT Interpreted. Absolute Legal Right® 

I give Blessings to All if you say YES.. LAO! And We inivite the world to come and
claim your inheritance, with  the Spirite of Please as the Heaven, Now and Next

Thank You.



Neo Consortium International Trust Officer


Bapak dan ibu  sekalian beserta  Rakyat Laos semuanya,

Saya Soegiharto Notonegoro, M1 yang memiliki Kolateral Aset seri 1-4. Saya datang kemari untuk mengungkap kebenaran sejarah dan membawa kesadaran kepada dunia. Hidup saya bukan lah milik saya sendiri tetapi memiliki tujuan yang lebih besar. Anda sekalian adalah rakyat LAO yang merupakan  garis paling depan dari tujuan ini dan Misi Kaisar, oleh karena itu saya berdiri disini di hadapan Anda sekalian hari ini. Kebenaran Sejarah telah diubah dan disembunyikan dari mata rakyat dunia dan saya di sini ingin mengungkapkannya kembali kepada Anda sekalian demi menyelamatkan umat dan membuka sebuah paradigma baru.  Seperti yang Anda sekalian ketahui atau mungkin tidak ketahui bahwa dunia sudah tiba pada sebuah pintu perubahan besar dan permasalahan dunia telah mencapai klimak kehancurannya.  Hal ini tentu saja dapat diperbaiki. Saya akan mengeluarkan Aset Besar yang berada di bawah kekuasaan saya, yang pernah direncanakan dikeluarkan oleh Soekarno namun tidak terselesaikan dikarenakan adanya pembunuhan dan kudeta yang telah menghalangi mimpi John F Kennedy dan Soekarno menjadi kenyataan. Saya tawarkan ini kepada Rakyat Lao dan Dunia di bawah Perjanjian Baru yang dengan kekuasaan saya bisa saya tutup dan buka kembali.

Saya menawarkan dan menghadiahkan terbitnya kontrak ini kepada LAO P.D.R demi gerakan perubahan global dalam pencetakan Mata Uang Estwo Nasional  yang dijamin oleh aset bagi Laos dan Dunia.  Ini adalah merupakan  harta warisan peninggalan global yang dijanjikan kepada Umat Sedunia. Dan saya di sini bersama dengan Rakyat Laos dalam rangka membuka Harta Warisan baru ini.  Dunia akan berubah untuk selamanya, dan Anda akan membantu mengantarkan dunia dalam sebuah Surga baru yang memiliki nilai sesungguhnya dari pekerjaan suci yang dihormati oleh aset yang sesungguhnya. Pekerjaan baru perbaikan dunia akan dimulai dengan diawali oleh Venus Project yang akan membangun kembali Infastuktur  anda dan membawa teknologi baru kepada Lao dan Dunia...dan itu dimulai di sini dengan konstruksi Balai Nasional baru Untuk Majelis Nasional. Laos juga akan memulai Program Warisan Global yang disebut Human Obligation, di mana setiap orang laki-laki maupun wanita akan menerima sejumlah uang  Jaminan untuk biaya hidup, yang akan dibagikan oleh Bank Laos

Anda rakyat Lao adalah para pemandu baru dan sebagai contoh kepada dunia bagi perubahan dan perdamaian.  Bertindaklah dengan rasa cinta dan pemahaman dan berbanggalah anda,  hormatilah negara-negara tetangga dan rubahlah pikiran dan tindakan kalian agar sesuai dengan pekerjaan besar ini.  Saya memberkati kalian semua jika kalian mengatakan...YES..LAO... dan kami mengundang dunia datang  untuk mendapatkan Harta Warisan kalian!