Minggu, 14 Juni 2015

Prosperity Fund Payments To Be Released

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com
According to Dan Lutz, prosperity fund payments will be released on August 17, 2015, creating instant abundance for everyone on our planet.
In an interview with Tracy Davidson, Lutz shared some exciting revelations about a world full of abundance for everyone. Lutz spent two weeks in Laos and met four times with a person referred to as “M1″, who represents the top 128 world families. M1, according to Lutz, means “Monetary One” who represents all of the monetary wealth for those families and has control over all of their trust funds. Included in this wealth are undisclosed amounts of gold, silver, precious stones, and other “treasures” and was the foundation of the current financial system when it was originally set up.
Lutz stated, “The plan that they’re following is called ‘The Plan of the Experts’. The Plan of the Experts is where they used a royal breeding program to bring one person forward and it took them seven generations to take the 128 families to bring it to one (person). And that person would then have control over all of the trusts and through a system of checks and balances, would be able to bring the wealth of the planet to the people so everybody would share in the abundance.”
According to Lutz, M1 paid off all of the world debt “in payments 1 through 11″, including prepaying the debt that the IRS would tax them on. “Each payment is for a specific purpose. Like all of the countries debts, basically it’s under 25 countries that are getting all of the payment to pay off everything under one (of the 11) payments. Each one (of the payments) represents something else. Once that’s all paid, on top of that, there’s the human obligation and that’s basically to share the wealth with every person on the planet.”
“He (M1) prepaid the tax on paying off all of the debt. Just like any other debt that’s out there, whether it’s personal debt, credit cards, mortgages, or anything… the idea is basically to pay everything else off. It’s only a fraction of what’s available to him, under his control.”
“They have to accept the payments by mid-August… August 17th of this year (2015).”
Lutz stated there would be a monthly payment for every adult and child along with a much larger amount that’s available to every person on the planet as well. According to the Google doc posted on Dan Lutz’s Facebook page, $6,000,000 would be allotted per person along with $1,200 per month per adult and $600 per month for expenses.
Additional plans include the building of Green Cities that are not based on the scarcity model.

Bankster suicides

One must question if the recent rash of bankster suicides are related to this information. A recent headline on May 29th, 2015 read, ” 29 Year Old Banker Jumps To His Death From Luxury Apartment, After Returning From Vacation“. Is it possible that these banksters were going to blow the whistle on the prosperity funds?

Savoir role

We’re seeing a lot of people coming forward who are playing the “savior role” in these fabricated “end times”. Is this possibly another distraction from something else that’s going on behind the scenes that is completely unrelated to this? By August 17th, 2015, this question will be answered. As always, question everything.

The cons of instant abundance

Lutz stated, “Giving everybody abundance will lift all of the weight off of everybody. He’s (M1) going to basically pay off everything so that everybody can then be free from that burden.”
Imagine if everyone was entitled to $6 million dollars or more?  Do you think the fry cook would still be making french fries at McDonald’s?  How many businesses would immediately shut down?  How much would your money REALLY be worth if eventually, there was nothing to buy because no one wanted to work anymore? In my opinion, this would be the ideal situation that would lead us into a system such as Ubuntu or the Venus Project because it would be at that point in time that people would finally realize how worthless money truly is and how we never needed it to survive.
If everyone was wealthy beyond imagination, then what would be the motivation for anyone to work? For example, Walmart relies on the cheap foreign production for the majority of their stock in order to keep their prices low. If the people of these countries were all wealthy, then there would be no products to import. The same scenario would follow for grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and any other business that economic slaves are needed to run.