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GOD SKY EARTH is the first CVAC

Model and Rationale for a CVAC

As was announced publicly on 25 December 2012, the existing system of corporate and governmental rule has been legally shut down via one of its own mechanisms. All debt has been erased and corporations (including but not limited to corporate governments and banks) have been foreclosed.
A series of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings made by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) in 2012 created a new framework for social governance that is now in effect. All the people of the world are now legally and lawfully free of economic slavery systems. This fact has now been ratified and formally established within the legal framework of the formerly dominant, corporate-controlled law codes. Corporate-controlled governments and corporate-controlled media have refused to announce this remarkable event, because it means the end of their power. As aware global citizens, we must understand what happened and how, so that we can inform others and begin the process of worldwide change for which all the world's people have been waiting.

Important facts about the existing slavery systems that have now been foreclosed:

  1. Existing governments are corporations. Corporations collect money on behalf of their investors. This system is oligarchical and designed only to profit a powerful few while the rest of the people work their whole lives in order to support it, thereby stealing the value of the people. So-called governments have acted as beneficiaries rather than trustees of government trusts. For example, the United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa are registered as corporations with the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Corporation of Egypt (which we conventionally think of as a country) is in fact registered with the SEC as an oil company.
  2. Banks working in collusion with corporate governments then provide huge loans to each country. Bankers and government officials make these loans with the direct intention of creating such a massive debt that the people of the country will be unable to pay it. In this way, banks and governments knowingly and intentionally bankrupt the nation. They start wars and conflicts by selling weapons to both sides, thereby increasing the corporations' profits and increasing the people's debt in regions involved in the conflicts.
  3. Persons are corporations. When a child is born, that child's parents apply for a birth certificate on behalf of the child. After this application is signed by the parents, the corporate government of the child's natal country uses it to establish a trust fund in the child's name. This trust is used as a collateral account, created and funded in the name of the child who is the actual beneficiary of the trust. However, the crime is that the corporate government does not tell the child's parents that this trust exists. If the child does not register a last will and testament by the time they are 7 years old, the corporate government declares that child to be deceased. Corporate government then assumes financial control of the child's estate, and the bankers and government officials (who are quite aware that most people actually live beyond the age of 7) thereafter treat all people as living slaves. The funds generated by monetizing every person's life, by using every child's future work as collateral, are in turn loaned back to them when they apply for bank financing or a mortgage. All people are then forced to work to repay those funds, plus interest, to the corporate banking system. Again, people have no legal rights within this corporate system of admiralty law because a person is considered to be legally 'dead' by the age of 7 and the corporate government takes control of the estate.
  4. Corporate governments use mainstream media as a tool to deliver propaganda directly into the homes of the people. Bankers and government officials use mainstream media to manipulate public perceptions of corporate government action and inaction; to reinforce social norms, limits and behaviors; and to sell the people nonsense by creating a fictitious 'need' alongside a product to fulfill it. Educational and religious institutions reinforce this psychology as well. Corporations, governments and mainstream media all tell the same lies. The aim of all of them is to create conflict, person against person and country against country, so that they can make more money.
  5. The world’s existing economic structure, now foreclosed, is a mechanism of mass slavery. Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property and are forced to work for survival. Slaves are held against their will from the time of their birth, capture, or purchase, and they are deprived of the right to leave or refuse to work.

Is this an overthrow of governments?

The foreclosure does not constitute an overthrow of governments, because these so-called governments do not in fact represent the people: they are corporations that have until now masqueraded as governments by secretly rewriting the constitutions of sovereign nations. Their end can only be seen as long overdue.

UCC: The ‘bible of commerce’

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is called the 'bible of commerce'. It precisely dictates the manner in which international trade and commerce should be enacted. In fact, the entire commercial system pivots around UCC law. If a person's mortgage is foreclosed on, or their car is repossessed, the bank uses the UCC process to do so. All international transactions between nations are settled through the UCC. UCC law is not taught in law schools. It remains the domain of corporations who train their own legal-department employees in UCC law, thus keeping the knowledge of this important mechanism 'in house'. The U.S. court system invariably supports the corporate system. This is not surprising, because 99% of our laws relate to ownership or commerce. The OPPT Trustees concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments and financial systems were committing treason against all the people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent.

How did the Trustees achieve the foreclosure of slavery systems?

OPPT was created when the three OPPT Trustees bonded themselves to (and so reinstated) the Trust that was framed in the original United States Constitution of 1776. That constitution was abandoned when the United States government was incorporated in 1871. Other countries were incorporated after the Great Depression of the 1920s, which was itself a result of market manipulation by bankers. The very same manipulation has been ongoing since 2008.
The OPPT Trustees then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as its beneficiaries in equity, known as 'the One People, created by The Creator'. In so doing, the Trustees framed a trust that has a superior claim to any other: the Trust between the Creator and the 'states of body' of Earth. The 'states of body' of Earth are the beneficiaries of the Creator; all the people of the world are the custodians of the Creator’s manifestations on Earth. Lawfully speaking, there can be no higher claim than that of the One People’s Public Trust, except for one made by the Creator.
The legal remedy is that corporations are foreclosed. Their assets are now being returned to the people through SWISSINDO Exhibits A-B. These funds are to be redistributed through Creation's Value Asset Centers (CVACs) and supported by a new financial system. In this way, the wealth of our planet is returned to the people equally. All corporate debt is erased and the corporate government system is terminated. The public record shows it: the OPPT UCC filing now stands as international law. According to the system’s own rules, the system no longer exists. In practical terms, it is now in a transitional phase.
Lawfully, nobody can stand as a superior authority between a person and the Creator. By lawfully removing the control mechanisms of economy and government, the One People’s Public Trust leaves individuals in full liability, each one being personally responsible for themselves. We ensure the freewill rights of others by using the legal framework of the CVAC to form local governance (not 'government').
The OPPT UCC filings specified that our planet’s resources cannot therefore be owned by corporations; sold to the people for a price; metered out in ‘salary’ quantities to enslave the people; or withheld to create poverty or destitution. Under the One People’s Public Trust, we all have equal equity. Our planet’s resources now belong to each of us in equal measure. That is our birth right. Now it is law.

What solutions are provided by the OPPT UCC Filings?

With the lawful dissolution of the corporate government systems comes the dissolution of the multitude of statutes and regulations that were created through its legislative and administrative frameworks. The illegal debts of the former corporations are not the debts of the people. The International Criminal Court defines these as 'odious debt'.
To facilitate our transition into the post-corporate world, the OPPT Trustees created a new lawful framework, informed by universal common law, which will allow us to build new economic and legal communities and which also allows for the dismantling of the old unjust system. Universal law based in common law now becomes the overarching principle for governing conduct between beings. According to universal law, “any free will choice is permissible except where it interferes with the free will choice of another being.” Any person (and especially all military personnel whose oaths have been cancelled by the termination of the corporation they worked for) may now “knowingly, willingly, and intentionally volunteer” to be bonded to the Public Trust “as public servants… to protect and serve all people of the creator.”

Public servants who choose to become bonded to the Public Trust are:

  • Authorized and ordered to "protect and preserve the blood and life” of all persons;
  • Authorized to “take into custody any and all … agents and officers… owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems… legal enforcement systems… [and] operating slavery systems”;
  • Authorized to “repossess all private money systems, tracking, transferring, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems”;
  • Granted "due authority of discretion… to use any [and] all means, force and strategies… to complete this order.”
Willing members of the military are provided a lawful framework to abandon the corporate-controlled military, to bond themselves to the Public Trust, and to actively contribute to the repossession of the people’s assets. Military orders established by OPPT UCC Filing No. 2012096074 are:
  • Arrest and take into custody any and all certain states of body, their agents, officers, and other actors, regardless of domicil by choice:
  • Repossess all private money systems, tracking, transferring, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, slavery systems and any and all other systems pre-paid by state citizens without consent, inclusive of those commandeered therefrom, and secure them for the people;
  • You are duly forbidden and prohibited from taking the blood and life of any state of body created by the Creator:
  • You are duly authorized and ordered to protect and preserve the blood and life of any state of body:
  • You are absolutely granted due authority of discretion to forthwith implement and use any all means, force, and strategies, known and unknown, of the Creator and the created, to complete this ORDER, done and operated, with the restrictions stated herein, by, with and under your full personal liability, insured by your due oath and bond as identified herein, restated, and further guaranteed and insured by, with and under the full personal liability of the undersigned bondservants, states of body, and trustees.

The CVAC: Creation's Value Asset Center

The trust that is now formally prepared to underwrite this global initiative has been misused at an international level. In February of this year, the Trustee of the SWISSINDO International Orbit Trust, Mr. A1.Sino.AS.S“2”.IR.Soegihartonotonegoro, ST, deployed the One People’s Public Trust UCC filings to legally declare an end, worldwide, to corruption, collusion and nepotism (known in Indonesia by the acronym KKN: ‘korupsi, kolusi, nepotisme’). The people of the Earth are presently afraid to retire old systems of government, banking, and judicial structure because they don't know what will replace them, even though the complete corruption of these institutions is killing us all. We can resolve that equation with the logic of a robust new framework that will handily support our transition to life on a much better planet.
Creation’s Value Asset Centres (or CVACs) are assistance mechanisms designed to support and serve humanity, the custodians of Earth. They provide an interconnected, global network of support, operated by bonded public servants who act in full liability at all times. They provide a simple framework of governance and administration, covering 12 areas of functional process.
Each former nation on the planet has one CVAC branch reserved for it. Each CVAC branch  administers the same services and operates in the same way as the CVAC branches in other regions, adjusted for local requirements. Every human on the planet will be supported by each and any CVAC hub, and every human will have access to the same resources and support networks. CVACs facilitate the development of local communities, digitally connected. Each administrative area of each CVAC is operated by a Regional Council whose primary role is to coordinate and facilitate the people in making decisions and resolving issues. This structure also allows for additional sub-CVACs to be created, accommodating new circumstances or initiatives, provided that their function is for the benefit of all beings and does not undermine the freewill rights of others.   By definition, the CVAC system is the antithesis of the corrupt corporate tools we called 'governments'. Accountability and transparency are the cornerstones of the CVAC framework. CVACs provide the platform for us to simplify and unify laws for all, and to ensure that the needs of all are met. Public servants are now prevented from impinging on the freewill of any entity “in any and all existence”, and bound to “preserve and protect all creations, and value and asset centers”. Stewards and council members will be subject to renewal of their bonded roles at three-month intervals, which ensures that public servants remain responsible to the people at all times. For these reasons, CVACs are the foundation of a new type of governance. The system now serves the people, and not the other way around.

GOD SKY EARTH is the first CVAC

Mr. Sino.AS does not seek to change any existing economic systems that are doing no harm. Rather, he wishes to offer everyone, globally, the first CVAC structure as a carapace of protection under which funds can be disbursed. Mr. Sino.AS’s main intent is to preserve existing systems wherever this is possible. He does not wish to harm any other living being nor see any harmed. Here, Mr. Sino.AS’s metaphysical sense comes through strongly. Indonesian culture has retained a focus on ancient metaphysical principles that have been discouraged in western culture. GOD SKY EARTH has been created entirely to suit one sovereign being’s interaction with the needs and desires of like-minded others. Indeed, we expect this of the participants of every CVAC on the planet. GOD SKY EARTH cannot be regarded as a kingdom in any of the usual western historical senses of the term, because the CVAC structure is entirely non-coercive. Similarly, it is not necessary to subscribe to the tenets of one particular philosophy or ecclesiastical doctrine in order to be receptive to the underlying values that Mr. Sino.AS endorses, as they are universal. This is the New World Order entirely defanged.
As the 681st King of Kings, Mr. Sino.AS wishes to introduce and endorse his own CVAC recommendations for governance (not government), according to which each participant affirms that they stand in full self-awareness and declares that they are willing to become a sovereign of the kingdom of the world. As a sovereign of the kingdom of the world they affirm their planet's commitment to a civil world governance founded in principles of universal values, the basis of the law of the world. As a sovereign being participating in the kingdom of the world, they consciously affirm their inherent responsibilities and rights as a legitimate member of the world community. Mr. Sino.AS concludes that the principle of unity above all is a civil commitment to preserve planet Earth.
The collateral supporting the accounts that GOD SKY EARTH proposes to grant directly to the people of the world is collected under the SWISSINDO Trust designation 'Exhibits A and B'. The backing for these accounts consists of 74,760,920,184 kilograms of collateral gold, stored throughout the Indonesian Archipelago. Traditionally, by “master agreement” (and prior to Mr. Sino.AS's change of plans), Mr. Sino.AS has handed the dividends of the interest-bearing accounts backed by this gold to 25 countries through the U.N. and the World Bank. These are the off-ledger accounts that have been funding the world's corporations, including the world's corporate governments, for decades.
Witnessing that there is "global change and fiscal strain and demand of a monetary nature,” Mr. Sino.AS has declared that the Committee of 300 and the United Nations have now received sequential audits performed on behalf of the SWISSINDO Trust, and so are amply informed of both his plan and his authority to execute it. These audits are represented in the Declaration as “ASBLP Final Report 1900-2008, ASBLP-0333902-2010, ASBLP-Audited Accounts 0330-2012 Data Sheets INFINITE BANK STATEMENTS (Supervision: The Committee of 300 - The World Bank Group)”. The document proclaims that the Committee of 300 and the United Nations have now had the opportunity to review the changes Mr. Sino.AS has made to the plan for disbursement of the Global Collateral Accounts, per audits of the Trust's Infinite Bank Statements as supervised by the World Bank. Because the Bank for International Settlements (and all subsidiary banks globally) have now been lawfully foreclosed by the UCC legal filings of the One People's Public Trust, SWISSINDO seeks to establish an alternate route for disbursing the funds of the Trust to all of the world's people directly. In technical terms, this is not a complex matter. The means of bypassing the existing banking system is straightforward.
Mr. Sino.AS's instruction is for the asset-based funds that will enable the transition to be disbursed via a series of CVACs that for the sake of convenience he calls the '5 Continents': Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas, and Australia. The people called to manage this transition will work under the following auspices: “UN-SWISSINDO-OMD for Europe; UN-MUN-SWISSINDO for Asia, UN-SWISSINDO (OPPT) for Africa, the Americas, and Australia.” In implicit acknowledgement of the student revolutionaries who have been critically important to Indonesia’s history as a republic, Sino avers that this is “the new generation of the best in the world as the messenger of GOD, the Lord Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.” Sino proposes to pay out a series of accounts numbered 1-11 to “all participants”, which is to say to the global human population. The funds go to all “7 Billion people on Planet Earth (5 Continents) with the Global Key Master Plan” that has been in development since the time of the Declaration of Indonesian Independence, but which had been subverted by large corporate organizations and institutions that have now been foreclosed.
Mr. Sino.AS recommends that members of the GOD SKY EARTH CVAC stop “the bankers and heads of government who have been violators of human rights (UN-1948) since the start of the Republic of Indonesia, and which have inhibited the management of the assets” known to westerners as the Global Collateral Accounts. Mr. Sino.AS acknowledges that the existing government and banking bureaucracies constitute a harvesting system. This debt slavery system can now be replaced with an asset-based system of credit that eliminates usury. The UCC legal filings of the One People’s Public Trust foreclosed existing banks and governments; reconfirmed the legal framework for true common law, replacing for-profit admiralty law systems; and laid the framework for CVACs as new forms of governance. CVAC governance councils that are established by sovereign beings, each having their own system of value exchange under common law, is the only legal mandate by which the SWISSINDO Trust can be administered.

Moving Forward

The Public Trust represents a massive paradigm shift. It provides a structural change that will enable a long-overdue energetic change. The Public Trust ratifies our freedom as Beings of the Creator in perpetuity. It corrects by law the imbalances of poverty, inequity and unsustainability.  It provides a platform upon which we can all experience the wonders and resources of our planet. It removes the façade of corporate entities and the ridiculous protocols that protected its perpetrators.
We are in a period of massive social, political and spiritual transformation. The process of reforming former corporations into worldwide cooperatives will no doubt take time, but we already have the lawful power to reject the old system.  In addition, we now have access to the funding available to make this a reality. Food, water and shelter are basic human rights and we will all be provided with the means to fulfill these basic needs without fighting for them. We have many decisions to make. What opportunities will we create with the CVACs framework? Right now, it is the duty of every one of us to manifest the freedom of the Public Trust in our daily lives, and to help others to understand and integrate and manifest it in their lives too. Freedom is not free. It comes with responsibility.

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JULY 15, 2013

Owner Global Partnership and Trust Fund Operations
Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships Treaty Event UN-RI 2013/2014

I AM, As NEO-New Exellency Owner, compresses owner, grant, collateral, board of governors (BOGs), board of directors (BODs), corporate and institutions complete Top 300 Organization-IPO Investment and Country Investment. I, as the authorized depository for the more than 500 holder holders SEC-BA1 (Official 1, Exhibit A) (9/97), Internal Protocol No. 301 for the fulfilment of the permanent mission and vision of the United Nations Development Treaty Event UN-SWISSINDO MULTINATIONAL.
The 2013 after Treaty Event will be held from September 24th to 26th  and from September 30th to October 1st, 2013 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, under the sponsorhip of Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth in Indonesia.

I AM hereby expressing my appreciation for your United Nations Headquarters Letter of Invitation and My committment to protect the peoples, corporate bodies and institutions ( and also inform you that the CERTIFICATE OF CASH PAYMENT, through Transaction Payments 1-11, shall be provided for the use of, and/or to execute any and all  International Transactions between and amongst all UN-members, ICSID-members, as well as the Top 300 Organizations.
This Testamentary Disposition International Funds Release is NOT subject to debate because it is to be released under full responsibility of UBS-UNPRI, UN-Principles For Responsible Investment and automated amendment per the findings of the INFINITE BANK STATEMENTS issued by the final report submitted by Supervision The Committee of 300-The World Bank Group, Audited Account Data Sheets, dated March 30th, 2012, as confirmed in the final report Certification ASBLP-0333902-2010.

If Your Excellency wishes to join me at the 2013 Treaty Event, kindly inform me between September 6th, 2013 to December 12th, 2013, of your intention to sign off on the acceptance of funds for your country, to ratify or to accede to any of the treaties of which I AM the counterparty as the Authority Mandate Master Account Record Design UBS AG, under the Master Account Agreement at the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Bank New York, U.S.A. for which I AM the Indonesia SID-Single Investor Depositor, the history registered world program and the historic banking system and I, as the depositary, guarantee the necessary arrangements can be made under Patent Licensee Swissindo Agreement for treaties international transaction and treaties international trading with ID-History by Micro Film Certificate Code 99.98, with Series 1-4 Asset-Income-Personal, 1 of 1 in all locations.

Please be advised that this is the Testamentary Disposition International under Universal Declaration of Human Right (UN-1948), together with the DECLARATION OF TRANSACTION Answered and A Worldly Challenge, International Transaction World Bank Institution, in conjunction with Exhibit A. GOLD Certificate UBS-Instruction, and with Exhibit B. OBLIGATION Certificate UBS-Mortgage Statement and Total Collateral Super Majority with a Total GOLD Volume of 74.760.920.184 Kgs., per the DEPOSIT CONTROL STATEMENT OF INVESTMENT DEPOSIT by Neo Consortium Internationality SWISSINDO WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT, I.H.O-International Handle Organization N.O.S. 459.

The Release of funds and Testamentary Disposition International from the Treaty Event ratification, is also done in conjunction with, and for the fulfillment by Your country and all other United Nations member countries, of their commitments and financial requirements to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals national programs to guarantee the erradication of extreme poverty and full execution of its sustainable economic and social development objectives.
Either, Myself or We, on a joint basis, with full responsibility, are acting and implementing this order on behalf of THE DIPLOMATIC CORPS COMMUNITY COMMERCIAL and we welcome on Earth together with We God of Trust and this is under the Joint Publication 3-36: Excellency on Execution of the Multinational in Operation Code Alfa Omega FM-001-777, Albisrieder AC.USD.P.1568-1120 Bank Officer Switzerland and in Indonesia, S.B.C. SWIFT 80A OCHZZ, Zurich.

Please be advised your Global Funds have been prepared for the execution of The Transaction Payment 1 to 11, to be settled by Commerzbank, Frankfurt, Germany, and simultaneously, in Indonesia, under the responsibility of the Six (6) Indonesia Prime Banks (BCA, BNI, BRI, DANAMON, MANDIRI, LIPPO BANK GROUP/CIMB-NIAGA).   

Also please be informed that the United Nations Security Council has prepared for the payment of up to 1.200.000 personnel members with a per person Compensation of US$. 1,200,000.- to ensure and to guarantee the protection of the peoples of Indonesia and of the BULLION BIG BANK RATU MAS KENCANA ROOM A1-1A.

The Release of the funds is also in conjunction wuth the fulfillment of all financial commitments made by the member countries in regards to their responsibilities to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and to ensure their execution for the sustainable global economic and social development.

Your Country will have total access to Cash Funds with Amount US$. 138,990,000,000,000.-, and each of your country¨s citizens will have access to Cash Funds in the Amount of US$. 6,000,000.-, with automated access and use per-month of US$. 600,- “or” US$. 1,200.- and called HUMAN OBLIGATION as guaranteed by the Program designated as: Get For Life Cool Calm Confidence on Earth from We God of Trust.
Please accept, Your Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

H.M. SINO.AS Soegihartonotonegoro



19 April 2013


As the depositary of more than 550 multilateral treaties, I have the honour to refer to the United Nations Treaty Event. The 2013 Treaty Event will be held from 24 to 26 September and from 30 September to 1 October 2013 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

The opening of the Treaty Event will coincide with the General Debate of the 68th session of the General Assembly, which opens on 24 September 2013. 

The Treaty Event has proven to be an effective means for promoting wider participation of States in the multilateral treaty framework and thereby fostering the rule of law at the international level. Since 2000, annual Treaty Events have attracted a total of 1,765 treaty actions. Today, many treaties enjoy broad participation, but most fall short of the goal of universal participation. I therefore ask you to join efforts to advance the universal application of the framework of 
internationally agreed-upon norms and standards. Universal participation and implementation of treaties remains an ambitious yet important goal, requiring the combined efforts of all States.
The Treaty Event provides a distinct opportunity for States to fulfil their pledges, made in national and international forums, to sign on to, and particularly to ratify and adhere to, multilateral treaties deposited with me.

I wish to extend this invitation to you to make use of the 2013 Treaty Event by signing treaties and by depositing instruments of ratification or accession to those treaties for which I act as the depositary, thus contributing to the goal of universal participation. Treaties covering the areas of human rights, rights of the child, refugees and stateless persons, international trade, terrorism, criminal matters, law of the sea, outer space, disarmament and privileges and immunities and the safety of United Nations personnel will be highlighted at this year’s Event. A list of the highlighted treaties is enclosed with this letter; a general list of the treaties deposited with me is available on the website of the Treaty Section of the Office of Legal Affairs ( 

If you wish to join me at the 2013 Treaty Event, kindly inform me by 6 September 2013 of your intention to sign, ratify or accede to any of the treaties of which I am the depositary, so that the necessary arrangements can be made. 

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

On Behalf 




Earth and the inhabitants have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment and quarantine (black hole). We have been controlled and manipulated by the dark side – or as we call them, The Cabal. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be liberated. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON, or THE EVENT.

THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet
which will be physical and non physical.

On the non physical plane there will be a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet. (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) It will be a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity. It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event.

On the physical plane there will be.
The arrest of the Cabal (already started)
The res-set of the Financial Systems
Disclosure – the release of Hidden truth/events including ET information
The beginning of a new fair financial system with prosperity funds for all.
NEW Government/Political system, Education system, Health care system, History lessons, etc. etc.
Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terrestrial races and our galactic connections.
Introduction of new advanced technology.
The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet.
There is much, much more to look forward to.

What Can You Do “Before the EVENT”

We are about to enjoy both a non-violent liberation of the planet along with a bright and beautiful future for ALL of humanity.

Since we do not know the exact day, month, or year of the event (it will be soon), it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:
Keep an extra 2 weeks of food on hand starting now.
Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required.
Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.
Gas up your vehicle when the tank is ½ empty.
Stay in touch with this website for updates.
Educate yourself, friends and family members.
Join one of the 6 task force areas – on this web-site and assist in the liberation of our beautiful planet.
Get together in groups each Sunday and do the Planetary Liberation Meditation and focus on bringing in The Divine Goddess Energy. Info on

What to expect Financially “AFTER The EVENT”

Vision for New Financial System – Transition from the Old Financial System to the New Financial System.

The current Financial System is malfunctioning and is being replaced with a new financial system. Do not panic. This is a good thing. Your needs will be provided for. As with any major change, the first few days are always the most confusing. Since all major TV networks, Internet, newspapers, and radio stations will be broadcasting quality information about The EVENT you can expect to become more and more comfortable as the day moves along. Below are instructions for the first 14 day

Day 1 - within minutes of THE EVENT happening
(The Divine Galactic energy pulse).
All banks will temporarily close – no access to banks for 3-7 days (up to 14 days).
All credit cards and ATM machines will be temporarily disabled (up to 14 days).

The reason for this is to cut off access of funds to the illegal owners of the central banks around the world, known as The Cabal.

Most businesses will be encouraged to stay open, and continue to accept cash and checks as they would in their normal course of doing business. Checks will clear as soon as the banks reopen. (1-2 weeks after THE EVENT).

If you do not have access to cash, and are in need of basic necessities which cannot be accessed through friends, family, community or emergency services, a voucher system will be set up in order to pay for goods and services.

This is not free money. This is basically a loan to you for up to $1000. which may be used from the day of the event for food, medicines & necessities until such time that the banks re-open. After that they become null and void, and you will be charged for the amount used. Businesses will be compensated for legitimate vouchers which they then can process through any bank. Those people who elect to use vouchers to purchase goods and services will be responsible for re-payment either through their bank, or as an offset against future earnings/compensations.

Day 2 – 14+
All currencies will still be alive
There will be a financial re-evaluation after the Event
There will be transparency accounting with banks that reopen.
Interest charges will stop.
Fractional banking will cease.
The IRS will be dismantled immediately.
All Banks with strong ties to The Cabal will be bankrupt.
The Federal Reserve will be dismantled immediately.
All debts will not be forgiven, meaning if you used credit cards to buy goods thinking your debts were forgiven, that will not be acceptable.
Food, shelter, and technology will be available for everyone.
No gold will be traded on the open market.
There will be no more homeless people.
There will be no more stock market.
Money in bank accounts will be frozen from reset to the new bank system (3-14 days). If funds were acquired legally, then the money will be kept.
The Cabal’s money is illegal and will be seized.

More Future Details to The Changes for The New Society:
The only tax will be 14% on new items purchased.
Humanitarianism will reign.
New technology will be released but electricity grids will be kept going through the conversion.
Everyone will receive $100,000 from collateral accounts.
Debts up to $100,000 will be forgiven. If over that amount, it will be analyzed. Real outstanding debt will be taken from that amount or if not enough, you will be advised to go into bankruptcy.

All countries debts will be forgiven.
Mortgages will be cancelled out.
Retirement accounts will be preserved.
Social security/retirement/health care will be changed; free health insurance will be provided for a new, advanced medical system.
The average work week will be 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Production costs will decrease.
All legal contracts will be respected.
The police force will be restructured for protection, not money collectors.
Common law will be respected – not distorted.
Most credit card debt will be cancelled.
Speculation will not be tolerated, and you can not rack up your credit cards now, expecting them to be cancelled out later without being on the hook. There is financial tracking.

Congress will close at reset. (Goes for all countries)
Most of Congress (U.S.) will be disbanded.
There will be new elections for Congress (All governments worldwide) within 4 months of RESET.
Monsanto, the corrupt part of Microsoft, will be bankrupt immediately. Same for other corrupt companies.
Most prisoners will be released and receive psychological counseling and training because they were forced to do things due to life conditions. Many will be released because they are innocent.
CIA operated drug trade will cease, and drastic restructuring will be needed.
When we are all fully ‘healed,’ we will stop eating meat (animals will be appreciated for what they are).
There will still be bankruptcies.
We won’t be able to have factories in China any longer.
Most Companies will keep operating.
Companies will buy back shares and give investors back their money.
The Resistance will help and advise.
The electrical grid will be in tact, however when The Cabal goes down, we may have darkness for short intervals.

See for more details of Cobra and his New Society Information.

Financial life after the “EVENT” will be vastly improved now that the bonds of debt illegally imposed by The Cabal are removed. Every person on the planet will have funds available for improving their lives.

For Further Study:
This is the best web-site to explain financial history. There is a lot to this site. The films are all linked on youtube.

Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Sumpah Dewan Kehormatan kerajaan: Sejarah "Awal Akhir"

" The Royal Oath of Honor Council: A History of the Beginning of the End "
A further inquiry into the SWISSINDO Trust.
Sumpah Dewan Kehormatan kerajaan: Sejarah Awal Akhir' Penyelidikan lebih lanjut ke SWISSINDO Trust.

by Paula Humfrey, Ph.D


Bagaimana jika kita semua sekarang ini memiliki kesempatan untuk memberikan yang terbaik dari diri kita, dan pada saat yang sama, didukung dan dihargai untuk menjadi apa saja sesuai keinginan kita yang beragam , tidak peduli ada perbedaan kepentingan diantara kita, selama tidak membahayakan orang lain? Masih perlu persetujuan siapa lagi untuk percaya bahwa ini adalah opsi yang sangat nyata dan tepat sekarang ini?
Menimbang bahwa apakah Anda dipengaruhi oleh konsep adanya dana yang cukup dan tersedia pada musim panas ini, untuk menanggung bukan hanya hutang global, tetapi juga untuk mempertahankan kembalinya nilai manusia kepada dirinya sendiri-karena kita semua adalah sama penerima manfaat dari kekayaan dunia. Ini benar-benar pertanyaan terbuka kepada siapapun sebenarnya yang menguasai dunia. Itu juga tergantung pada kaca mata apa yang ingin anda gunakan untuk melihat.

Kepercayaan yang saat ini secara resmi dipersiapkan untuk menanggung inisiatif global telah disalahgunakan di tingkat internasional. Pada bulan Februari tahun ini, kepercayaan dari SWISSINDO Internasional Orbit Trust, Mr A1.Sino.AS.S "2". IR.Soegihartonotonegoro, ST, telah disebarluaskan oleh OPPT UCC diajukan secara legal hukum ke seluruh dunia untuk mengakhiri korupsi, kolusi dan nepotisme (dikenal di Indonesia dengan singkatan KKN). Orang-orang di bumi saat ini takut untuk menghentikan sistem pemerintahan lama, perbankan, dan struktur peradilan karena mereka tidak tahu apa yang akan menggantikan semua itu, meskipun maraknya korupsi dilembaga-lembaga ini sedang membunuh kita secara perlahan dengan secara lunak atau keras dan cepat.
Makalah ini bertujuan untuk menyelesaikan kesamaan masalah tersebut dengan menghadirkan logika yang kuat dan kerangka kerja baru yang dengan mudah akan mendukung transisi untuk hidup di planet ini dengan jauh lebih baik.


Pada tanggal 2 Juni untuk menghormati hari ulang tahun Mr Sino.AS, SWISSINDO resmi menerbitkan dokumen berjudul PRASASTY KERATON CAKRABUWANA DAN SUMPAH CARAKA dengan subjudul 'Sumpah Dewan Kehormatan kerajaan: ‘Sejarah awal dan Akhir'. Deklarasi ini seperti memperingati berdirinya CVAC (Ceation’s Value Assistance Centre) pertama di dunia, yang menciptakan struktur hukum yang memungkinkan pendistribusian dana dana SWISSINDO kepada semua orang di bumi, sebuah nilai yang Mr Sino.AS pahami telah dicuri dari kita semua melalui 'Korupsi, Kolusi, nepotisme'. Ini adalah sebuah model CVAC, yang pertama dari jenis ini. Menariknya, untuk tujuan ini SWISSINDO juga adalah sebuah kerajaan. Sarana ini dilengkapi dengan seorang Raja, jadi mungkin akan sangat baik untuk mempertimbangkan sebaiknya tepat CVAC ini disebut sebagai NEO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTH.

Termasuk di antaranya prinsip prinsip yang di kutip oleh Mr Sino.AS seperti ; Dia mengambil prinsip prinsip dari sila-sila yang ada di Pancasila, dari Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia sebagai republik dibawah Soekarno pada tahun 1945; juga dari Deklarasi PBB tahun 1948 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia, dari Konferensi Negara-negara Non-blok Bandung tahun 1955 yang diselenggarakan oleh Indonesia; dari Perjanjian Green Hilton Memorial 1963 antara Presiden Amerika Kennedy dan Presiden Indonesia Soekarno, dan juga dari inisiatif Sukarno 'Supersemar' 11 Maret 1966. Mari kita lihat relevansi dari setiap ajaran-ajaran tersebut sesuai visi Mr Sino.AS dalam proyek global yang ditangani saat ini.

Klip pendek di bawah ini adalah dari file audio pada saat Sukarno membaca deklarasi kemerdekaan Indonesia berikut dengan foto yang mencolok Soekarno muda berdiri di dalam garasi didepan 500 orang, dikelilingi oleh perwakilan mahasiswa yang revolusioner, dipagi hari 17 Agustus 1945 . Berikut ini kisah yang ada dibaliknya: Jepang, setelah menggantikan Belanda selama Perang Dunia II sebagai penguasa kolonial di kepulauan Indonesia, telah mengalami kengerian karena penghancuran bom nuklir Amerika sepuluh hari sebelumnya. Para mahasiswa tahu bahwa hanya ada satu momentum tersedia yang sangat terbatas saat itu, untuk mendorong masyarakat Indonesia keluar dari kolonialisme, dan mereka kemudian merebutnya. Malam sebelumnya, Soekarno diamankan di suatu rumah dan diserahi tugas membuat naskah proklamasi yang ia baca saat fajar esok harinya dan jadilah Republik Indonesia.

"Indonesian Proclamation of Independence, 17 August 1945"/”Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia 17 Agustus 1945”

Mr Sino.AS membangkitkan kembali peristiwa itu sebagai simbol bagi momentum yang kita miliki sekarang. Kita telah tiba pada satu titik historis dimana ini benar-benar memungkinkan untuk mengembalikan nilai keutamaan dunia untuk seluruh manusia. Mr Sino.AS ingin memanfaatkan momen ini, dan ia mengajak partisipasi mahasiswa ('Para pemuda dunia'). Dia melihat para mahasiswa adalah sebagai aktivis pewaris dari semua hal yang baik.

Selama masa panjang jabatannya sebagai Presiden Indonesia, Soekarno sangat produktif dalam mengembangkan filsafat politik Pancasila (diucapkan pantjasila), landasan ideologis resmi negara Indonesia. Ini adalah warisan terbesar Soekarno. Pancasila berasal dari dua kata bahasa Jawa Kuno (aslinya dari bahasa Sansekerta), panca berarti lima, dan 'sila' berarti prinsip-prinsip. Dengan demikian Pancasila terdiri dari lima prinsip yang tak terpisahkan dan saling terkait:

• Appreciation of the one and only Creator, ( Ketuhanan Yang Maha Esa);
• Just and civilized humanity, (Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab);
• The unity of Indonesia, ( Persatuan Indonesia);
• Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations amongst representatives
(Kerakyatan Yang Dipimpin oleh Hikmat Kebijaksanaan, Dalam Permusyawaratan & Perwakilan)
• Social justice for all of the people of Indonesia ( Keadilan Sosial bagi seluruh Rakyat Indonesia ).

Selain Pancasila, Mr Sino.AS juga secara filosofis menghubungkan Tuhan Atas Langit dan bumi (God SKY Earth) yang di inisiasi dari prinsip-prinsip Deklarasi PBB 1948 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia, disini ditafsirkan sebagai upaya mencocokkan artikulasi Mr Sino.AS 's terhadap prinsip prinsip tersebut:
• Bahwa pengakuan atas Martabat manusia yang inheren, dan Persamaan hak hak yang tidak bisa dicabut dari semua anggota keluarga adalah merupakan pondasi bagi kebebasan,keadilan dan perdamaian di atas dunia.

• Bahwa pengabaian dan pelanggaran hak asasi manusia telah mengakibatkan tindakan biadab yang telah menusuk hati nurani manusia, sehingga munculnya sebuah dunia dimana manusia akan menikmati kebebasan berbicara dan berkeyakinan, bebas dari ketakutan dan pemenuhan
kebutuhan hidup telah dicanangkan sebagai aspirasi rakyat yang paling tinggi.

• Bahwa adalah penting, siapapun tidak akan terdorong untuk memilih pemberontakan sebagai upaya terakhir untuk menentang kelaliman dan penindasan, oleh karena itu hak asasi manusia harus dilindungi oleh aturan hukum.

• Bahwa adalah sangat penting mempromosikan pengembangan hubungan persahabatan diantara bangsa-bangsa,

• Bahwa masyarakat telah menegaskan lagi keyakinan mereka atas hak asasi,Martabat dan nilai nilai keutamaan manusia dalam persamaan hak antara laki-laki dan perempuan dan bertekad untuk meningkatkan pertumbuhan sosial,standar hidup yang lebih baik dalam kebebasan yang lebih luas,

• Bahwa masyarakat telah mengikrarkan diri mereka untuk mencapai kerjasama satu sama lain mengembangkan penghormatan universal untuk taat kepada hak asasi manusia dan kebe basan yang fundamental,

• Bahwa sebuah pemahaman umum tentang semua hak hak dan kebebasan ini adalah yang paling penting untuk direalisasikan nya janji ini,

• Oleh karena itu banyak orang saat ini memproklamasikan DEKLARASI UNIVERSAL HAK ASASI MANUSIA sebagai satu standar umum pencapaian untuk semua masyarakat, semua bangsa dengan tujuan akhir agar setiap individu dan setiap organ masyarakat menjaga deklarasi ini terus-menerus didalam pikirannya, dan berusaha mengajarkan, mendidik da mempromosikan
penghormatan terhadap hak - hak dan kebebasan dengan langkah yang progresif, secara nasional dan internasional, untuk menjamin pengakuan dan ketaatan universal yang efektif diantara bangsa – bangsa.

Mr. Sino.AS mengakui bahwa hal diatas tadi adalah prinsip-prinsip yang kita masing-masing, harus mulai terapkan secara pribadi penuh tanggung jawab, jika ingin inisiatif CVAC kita berhasil. Kami, OPPT sekarang bebas untuk memilih tindakan kita sendiri untuk diri kita sendiri, asalkan kita masing-masing mengambil tanggung jawab penuh dan berkewajiban melakukan tindakan tindakan tersebut.

Mr Sino.AS membayangkan peranan GOD SKY EARTH,misi awalnya CVAC adalah untuk menyebarkan prinsip-prinsip Pancasila dan Deklarasi Hak Asasi Manusia untuk memperbaiki rancangan internasional yang hampir terjadi mungkin pada tahun 1963:

"Pada 1963, Presiden Soekarno yang dipercaya menyimpan persediaan emas telah diingatkan oleh berbagai bangsa untuk mendukung penerbitan sebagian pecahan Dolar AS dalam rangka memfasilitasi perdagangan internasional. Berdasarkan Perjanjian ini, Soekarno (sebagai Pemegang Trustee Emas Internasional) kemudian memproses untuk memindahkan emas ini yang sebelumnya telah dipercayakan penjagaanya ke orang-orang Indonesia agar dikembalikan kesistem perbankan guna memberikan dukungan lebih lanjut kepada Dolar AS.
"Perjanjian ini berpotensi menyebabkan Executive Order 11110 yang dikeluarkan Juli 1963, memberikan kekuasaan ke Departemen Keuangan untuk mencetak Dolar Amerika Serikat, dalam jangka waktu dua minggu setelah penandatanganan Perjanjian Green Hilton yang diharapkan bisa mengkonsolidasikan EO 11110.
Kennedy dibunuh beberapa hari setelah penandatanganan Perjanjian Green Hilton.
Dengan kematian Kennedy, kewenangan yang telah diberikan kepada Departemen Keuangan menjadi tidak bisa digunakan. "[lihat Sumbernya di, "The Green Hilton Agreement (Jenewa 1963)"]
Rencana yang tidak membuahkan hasil ini, telah meletakkan kerangka kerjasama internasional dalam bentuk konsep GOD SKY EARTH.


Berakhirnya kolonialisme kemudian justru dijadikan alat yang baik untuk menjelaskan dan merespon warisan budaya yang ditinggalkan kolonialisme dan imperialisme, pertimbanganya adalah sebagai konsekuensi rakyat untuk mengendalikan negara dan membangun pemukiman dan mengeksploitasi ekonomi untuk pribumi ditanah mereka sendiri. Sebuah kisah penting pasca-kolonial yang ditutup secara dramatis selama Konferensi Bandung 1955 yang diselenggarakan oleh Indonesia. Konferensi Bandung juga didukung oleh pemerintah Burma, India, Pakistan dan Sri Lanka. Negara-negara pendukung itu juga mengajak 24 negara tambahan dari di Asia, Afrika dan Timur Tengah.
Karena proses dekolonisasi masih berlangsung di banyak tempat di bumi, para delegasi mengambil kesempatan itu untuk membicarakan masyarakat yang masih terjajah (terutama di Afrika) yang belum membentuk pemerintah independen.

Dalam konferensi tersebut, para delegasi melakukan hal yang menakjubkan. mereka berdebat dan kemudian menyelesaikan beberapa prinsip kunci bagi masyarakat nasional dan lokal yang menyongsong kemerdekaan penuh sebagai buntut dari pemerintahan kolonial: politik penentuan nasib sendiri, saling menghormati kedaulatan, non-agresi, tanpa campur tangan urusan dalam negeri, dan kesetaraan.
Para delegasi menandatangani komunike resmi pada penutupan konferensi yang menunjukkan keseriusan mereka pada tujuan-tujuan yang hendak dicapai: mempromosikan kerjasama ekonomi dan budaya, perlindungan terhadap hak asasi manusia dan prinsip penentuan nasib sendiri, seruan untuk mengakhiri diskriminasi rasial di mana pun itu terjadi, dan pengulangan seruan terhadap pentingnya hidup berdampingan secara damai.

Para delegasi membangun lima prinsip untuk hidup berdampingan secara damai, yang telah di awali dari hasil negosiasi antara India dan China pada tahun 1954.
Prinsip-prinsip tersebut sebagai alternatif, versi pelengkap dari prinsip-prinsip Pancasila tersebut yang diletakkan oleh Sino, semua itu berasal dari akar yang sama. Keduanya berusaha untuk membangun solidaritas didalam dan diantara negara-negara yang baru merdeka.

Pada saat berlangsungnya konferensi tersebut, negara-negara non-Eropa ditekankan untuk berhati-hati menegosiasikan hubungan mereka diantara bangsa barat dan timur, tempat dimana terjadi jaminan kerusakan. Banyak wilayah yang terlibat baik dalam pertempuran sengit dekolonisasi atau menghadapi tantangan menjadi bangsa yang otonom bahkan sebagai bagian dari kerangka neokolonial global baru yang dikenakan pada mereka. Ini adalah era yang sekarang sudah selesai, sesuai inisiatifnya Sino GOD SKY EARTH.

SWISSINDO Trust, menunggu dengan sabar untuk kesempatan mendanai pembangunan pada skala yang benar-benar global. sebuah kesempatan yang kini tiba - bermitra dengan OMD (Organisation Mondiale de Développement atau dalam bahasa Inggris, World Development Organization), yang awalnya didirikan di Paris pada tahun 1901 dan saat ini bersifat sebagai sebuah Anggota konsultatif ECOSOC Persatuan Bangsa Bangsa dan Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat. OMD telah bekerja sama dengan SWISSINDO dalam dekade terakhir untuk menyediakan dana pembangunan ekonomi internasional dan untuk membantu pelaksanaannya dengan perlengkapan teknologi yang revolusioner.

Dengan arahan dari OMD, SWISSINDO dalam dekade terakhir ini mempunyai program penempatan dana untuk proyek-proyek yang menghormati prinsip-prinsip Konferensi Bandung, antara lain seperti: partisipasi politik yang efektif dalam kerangka demokrasi internasional baru yang didukung oleh energi nyata dari akar rumput untuk memperoleh partisipasi yang demokratis di tingkat nasional maupun lokal. Namun, Mr Sino.AS menegaskan bahwa sejak pertengahan tahun 1960-an khususnya, "krisis global dan korupsi melanda lapisan eksekutif, legislatif, yudikatif." Hasil akhirnya adalah gagalnya "Konvensi terkait ECOSOC dan hukum hak asasi manusia, [dan] Deklarasi Universal Hak Asasi Manusia (UN-1948). "Mr Sino.AS kemudian namanya dikenal khusus di" konspirasi pencucian uang dan berbagai transaksi rahasia di Produk Instruksi Sertifikat Emas Exhibit A. dan Exhibit B UBS.-Mortgage Obligation certificate Statements, tersebar di seluruh wilayah Republik Indonesia dan seluruh sistem perbankan. "Mr Sino.AS sekarang membayangkan sebuah jalur baru, dan dia memiliki wewenang dalam menempatkan rencananya pada tempatnya.

SWISSINDO secara historis funded OMD’s programs ? via pemanfaatan aset logam fisik dan aset moneter yang saat ini diselenggarakan di bank komersial terbesar dan organisasi institusional perbankan di seluruh dunia, termasuk Bank Dunia, Bank Sentral Eropa dan Federal Reserve System. Dari sisi pemerintahan Indonesia telah digambarkan sebagai salah satu negara yang paling korup di bumi. Pada saat yang sama, bagaimanapun, kerajaan-kerajaan kuno di kepulauan Indonesia saat ini sedang memimpin dunia dalam memperjuangkan kebebasan dari perbudakan ekonomi. Sebagai Obatnya Mr Sino.AS terhubungkan dengan aparat-aparat perbankan OMD, yang mana sekarang akan membantu dalam pembayaran kepada semua orang, secara global.


Mr Sino.AS berusaha untuk tidak mengubah sistem ekonomi yang tidak bahayakan orang yang ada sekarang, sebaliknya secara global ia ingin menawarkan kepada semua orang, struktur CVAC pertama sebagai tempat perlindungan di mana dana dapat dikeluarkan. Tujuan utama Mr Sino.AS adalah untuk mempertahankan sistem yang ada di manapun kemungkinnya bisa dilakukan. Dia tidak ingin membahayakan makhluk hidup lainnya atau melihat ada yang dirugikan. Di sini, sense metafisik Mr Sino.AS berasal dari Budaya Indonesia yang kuat yang dipertahankan fokus pada prinsip-prinsip metafisik kuno yang sudah tidak punya harapan lagi didalam budaya Barat. GOD SKY EARTH telah dibuat sepenuhnya disesuaikan dengan interaksi satu makhluk berdaulat dengan kebutuhan dan keinginan seperti yang lain pikirkan. Memang, kami berharap para peserta ini dari setiap CVAC di planet ini. GOD SKY EARTH tidak dapat dianggap sebagai kerajaan biasa seperti yang diterminologikan sejarah barat, karena struktur CVAC sepenuhnya tanpa paksaan. Demikian pula, tidak perlu menganut ajaran satu filsafat tertentu atau doktrin gerejawi agar bisa menerima nilai-nilai pokok yang Mr Sino.AS dukung, karena itu semua bersifat universal. Ini adalah New World Order yang seluruhnya berbeda.

Sebagai maharaja k.681, Mr.Sino.AS ingin memperkenalkan dan mendukung rekomendasi CVAC nya sendiri untuk pemerintahan (bukan pemerintah), yang menurutnya setiap peserta menegaskan bahwa mereka berdiri penuh kesadaran diri dan menyatakan bahwa mereka bersedia untuk menjadi warga kerajaan dunia. Sebagai warga kerajaan dunia mereka menegaskan komitmen planet mereka kepada pemerintah sipil dunia yang didirikan pada prinsip-prinsip dan nilai-nilai universal, sebagai dasar dari hukum dunia. Sebagai makhluk berdaulat yang berpartisipasi dalam kerajaan dunia, mereka secara sadar menegaskan tanggung jawabnya yang melekat dan hak-hak nya sebagai anggota sah dari masyarakat dunia. Sino menyimpulkan bahwa prinsip persatuan diatas semuanya adalah sebuah komitmen sipil untuk melestarikan planet bumi.

Jaminan untuk mendukung Rekening yang tawarkan oleh GOD SKY EARTH langsung diberikan kepada masyarakat dunia dikumpulkan dari SWISSINDO TRUST dari 'Exshibit A dan B'. Dukungan untuk Rekening –rekening ini terdiri dari agunan 74,760,920,184 kg jaminan emas, yang disimpan diseluruh kepulauan Indonesia. Secara tradisional dari "master agreement" (dan sebelum perubahan rencana Mr Sino.AS ), Mr Sino.AS telah menyerahkan dividen dari rekening berbunga yang didukung oleh emas tersebut untuk 25 negara melalui PBB dan Bank Dunia. Ini adalah rekening diluar sistem pembukuan yang telah mendanai perusahaan-perusahaan dunia, termasuk di banyak perusahaan pemerintahan di dunia, selama beberapa decade sebelumnya.

Menyaksikan bahwa ada "perubahan global, tekanan fiscal, dan permintaan yang bersifat moneter," Mr Sino.AS telah menyatakan bahwa Komite 300 dan PBB sekarang telah menerima audit berurutan dilakukan atas perintah SWISSINDO Trust, dan begitu juga diberikan cukup informasi untuk melaksanakan rencana dan kewenangannya. Audit ini digambarkan dalam Deklarasi sebagai " Laporan Akhir 1900-2008 ASBLP, ASBLP-0333902-2010, ASBLP-Audited Account 0330-2012 data Sheets LAPORAN BANK Tak Terbatas (Dibawah Pengawasan: Komite 300 - Grup Bank Dunia) dokumen ini menyatakan bahwa Komite 300 dan PBB sekarang memiliki kesempatan untuk meninjau perubahan perubahan yang Mr Sino.AS telah lakukan rencana untuk pencairan rekening jaminan global, yang sesuai audit Trust Laporan Bank Tak Terbatas yang diawasi oleh Bank Dunia. Karena Bank for International Settlements (dan semua anggota banknya secara global) kini telah sah diambil alih secara hukum oleh UCC sesuai pengajuan hukum OPPT, SWISSINDO berusaha untuk mengambil jalur alternatif untuk mencairkan dana dari kepercayaan semua penduduk dunia secara langsung. Dalam istilah teknis, ini bukanlah hal yang rumit. Itu artinya memotong jalur sistem perbankan yang ada secara langsung.

Instruksi Mr Sino.AS adalah untuk dana dana berbasis aset yang akan memungkinkan transisi disalurkan melalui serangkaian CVAC dan demi kenyamanan dia sebutkan sebagai 5 Benua : Asia, Afrika, Eropa, Amerika, dan Australia. Orang-orang yang disebutkan untuk mengelola transisi ini akan bekerja di bawah naungan sebagai berikut ini: ". UN-SWISSINDO-OMD untuk Eropa, UN-MUN-SWISSINDO untuk Asia, UN-SWISSINDO (OPPT) untuk Afrika, Amerika, dan Australia" Didalam pengakuannya secara implisit mahasiswa yang revolusioner yang telah sangat penting bagi sejarah Indonesia sebagai republik, Sino menegaskan bahwa ini adalah "generasi baru yang terbaik di dunia sebagai utusan Allah, Tuhan yang Mahakuasa, Pencipta Langit dan Bumi". Sino mengusulkan untuk membayar serangkaian nomor rekening 1-11 untuk "semua peserta", yang dikatakan sebagai populasi manusia global. Dana dibagikan ke "7 Miliar orang di Planet Bumi (5 benua) dengan Master Key Plan Global " yang telah dikembangkan sejak zaman Deklarasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia, tetapi telah ditumbangkan oleh organisasi perusahaan besar dan lembaga-lembaga yang kini telah diambil alih oleh OPPT.

Mr Sino.AS merekomendasikan bahwa para anggota GOD SKY EARTH CVAC memberhentikan "para bankir dan kepala pemerintahan yang telah melanggar hak asasi manusia (UN-1948) sejak awal Republik Indonesia, dan yang telah menghambat pengelolaan aset" yang dikenal oleh orang Barat sebagai Jaminan Rekening Global. Oleh karena itu, ia menggunakan kekuatan Supersemar.

"Supersemar, singkatan untuk Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret (Order of March the Eleventh) adalah suatu dokumen yang ditandatangani oleh Presiden Soekarno pada tanggal 11 Maret 1966 memberikan kewenangan kepada Letnan Jenderal Soeharto untuk mengambil tindakan apapun yang dianggap perlu 'untuk memulihkan ketertiban dari situasi kacau selama terjadi pembunuhan politik di Indonesia pada tahun 1965-1966. Singkatan 'Supersemar' adalah juga plesetan nama Semar, tokoh mistik dan kuat yang sering muncul dalam mitologi Jawa didalam pertunjukan pewayangan. Seruan Semar itu mungkin dimaksudkan untuk membantu menarik mitologi Jawa untuk memberikan dukungan bagi legitimasi kewenangan Suharto selama periode transisi...Akibatnya, Supersemar dilihat sebagai instrumen kunci pengalihan kekuasaan eksekutif "[lihat Resources," Supersemar - Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret (Order of March the Eleventh "].

Mr. Sino mengakui bahwa pemerintah yang ada saat ini dan birokrasi perbankan merupakan sebuah sistem unduh hasil panen. Sistem hutang perbudakan ini sekarang dapat diganti dengan sistem berbasis kredit aset yang menghilangkan riba. Pengajuan pengambil alihan bank bank dan pemerintahan secara hukum oleh UCC dari OPPT ; menegaskan kerangka hukum umum yang benar, menggantikan sistem nirlaba hukum kelautan, dan meletakkan kerangka untuk CVAC sebagai bentuk-bentuk baru pemerintahan. dewan pemerintahan CVAC yang dibentuk oleh umat berdaulat, masing-masing memiliki sistem nilai tukar mereka sendiri di bawah hukum yang umum adalah satu-satunya mandat legal yang dapat diberikan oleh SWISSINDO Trust.


CVAC yang juga disebut GOD SKY EARTH telah menawarkan lebih dari tujuh miliar orang dengan masing-masing mendapat enam juta dolar. Nilai tersebut tercetak secara digital pada komputer server. Semua orang di dunia berinteraksi langsung dengan server, tanpa perantara. Transaksi dicatat melalui pembukuan berdasarkan double-entry. Semua orang terhubung ke server secara mandiri, memanfaatkan kedua layanan teknologi yang baru dan yang sudah ada. Monetisasi riba didalam nilai ekonomi ini tidak mungkin terjadi: tidak ada pajak atau bunga yang harus dibayar oleh rakyat. Server tersebut mengelola rekening-rekening pribadi, pengembangan, dan bisnis. Juga akan ada rekening pembangunan disediakan untuk mendanai pembangunan dan perbaikan kembali planet kita. GOD SKY EARTH, melalui OMD, dengan demikian menetapkan sistem yang transparan dan aman untuk pertukaran, perdagangan dan potensial menaikkan nilai nyata seseorang menggunakan bagian dari konsep perbankan umum, jika bukan arsitektur yang tepat dari sebuah sistem perbankan. Kami (OPPT) mungkin ingin memensiunkan sistem perbankan yang ada saat ini, tetapi hal itu tidak dilakukan sebelum kita menggantinya dengan sebuah sistem yang memungkinkan setiap orang di planet ini untuk bisa berdagang dengan aman dan bebas satu sama lain.

SWISSINDO telah menghabiskan waktu persiapan berbulan bulan untuk merilis kondisi trans besar ini merepresentasikan nilai yang diback up dengan emas kepada semua orang di dunia. Setiap Rekening pribadi menerima dan mendistribusikan isinya dan harus terlihat cocok nilainya oleh orang tersebut.
Server server tersebut tidak bisa ditembus, dijamin aman secara legal dan dengan semua jaminan yang ada. Klien nya adalah semua orang di planet ini. Ini adalah peristiwa bersejarah yang akan mengubah esensi bisnis selamanya. Didalam sistem masa lalu yang sekarang runtuh di bawah kita, kita hanya memiliki sisi ekonomi tetapi bukan komunitas, kita telah menjadi konsumen tetapi bukan manusia yang berdaulat. Rencana GOD SKY EARTH untuk mendistribusikan Jaminan Account global langsung menimbulkan ketakutan yang meluas dari mata uang global. Tidak perlu takut. Perbankan seperti yang kita sudah pahami sebelum nya akan lenyap sama sekali. Sistem penggantinya sudah beroperasi untuk pengalihan aset. Kita sekarang benar-benar bebas untuk membuat masyarakat lokal terhubung secara digital. Kita bisa membuat komunitas ini dengan cara kita sendiri.


1. Government corporations and elite businesses and organizations worldwide were lawfully foreclosed in December2012.
( Perusahaan perusahaan pemerintah dan elit-elit bisnis dan organisasi organisasi di seluruh dunia telah diambil alih secara sah di Desember 2012).

2. These corporations’ assets all have UCC liens placed against them in lieu of payment for knowingly establishing fraudulent contracts with the people of Earth, creating a de facto slavery system.
( Aset perusahaan ini, semua telah UCC gadaikan dan ditempatkan sebagai pengganti pembayaran mereka karena sengaja membangun kontrak penipuan dengan OPPT, secara de fakto menciptakan sistem perbudakan.

3. All governments are corporations and have been since at least 1934 when governments mortgaged their populations for the first time, without their consent, to pay for the corporations’ combined excesses, mistakes,and wars.
( Semua pemerintahan adalah perusahaan dan sudah sejak 1934 ketika pemerintah Menggadaikan populasi nya untuk pertama kalinya, tanpa persetujuan mereka, untuk membayar akses penggabungan perusahaan, kesalahan kesalahan, dan peperangan).

4. These corporations continue their criminal acts to avoid the collapse of their foreclosed paper empire while awaiting help from the central banks and their printing presses.
(Perusahaan-perusahaan ini melanjutkan tindak criminalnya untuk menghindari runtuhnya surat penyitaan kerajaan mereka ketika menunggu bantuan dari bank sentral).

5. Historically, these banks and corporations have received massive payments and loan guarantees to run the presses that have sustained their central banks. These loans are backed by the combined wealth of the planet,
mostly in gold, but have also included the value placed on each individual via their birth certificate.
(Secara historis, bank-bank dan perusahaan ini telah menerima pembayaran besar dan jaminan pinjaman untuk menjalankan tekanan yang berkelanjutan kepada bank sentral mereka. Pinjaman ini didukung oleh gabungan kekayaan planet ini, terutama dalam bentuk emas, tetapi juga termasuk nilai yang ditempatkan pada masing-masing individu melalui akta kelahiran mereka).

6. The Collateral Accounts were set up to support the combined value of the worlds’ assets, to facilitate commerce and to provide for the wealth, health and safety of the world’s people.
( Account Agunan dibentuk untuk mendukung gabungan nilai aset dunia, untuk memfasilitasi Perdagangan,untuk menyediakan kemakmuran,kesehatan dan keselamatan penduduk dunia).

7. Treaties and agreements, signed and then ignored over centuries, guarantee that this money is to be distributed to all of the people of the Earth. The elected and selected government corporations had other plans and other
means not made known to the people or the trustees of the accounts until it was almost too late.
(Perjanjian dan kesepakatan, ditandatangani dan kemudian justru diabaikan selama ber abad-abad, menjamin bahwa uang ini akan didistribusikan untuk semua orang dari Bumi. Perusahaan pemerintah Yang diseleksi dan terpilih punya rencana dan maksud lain terhadap
Rekening tersebut dan tidak berusaha memberitahu kepada orang-orang atau para kepercayaan sampai hampir terlambat).

8. For too long the accounts’ trustees dutifully obeyed the governments and central banks and gave payments and guarantees only to them and to their corporate associates and families -as they demanded was their right.
(Sudah terlalu lama para pemegang rekening yang dipercaya patuh dan taat kepada pemerintah dan bank sentral dan memberikan pembayaran dan jaminan hanya untuk perusahaan mereka dan perusahaan asosiasi dan keluarganya saat mereka menuntut hak mereka).

9. But recently, after generations of careful planning and preparation, the trustees refuted the corporations’ claims on the Collateral Accounts and have instead prepared to release the funds to the people to rebuild the world.
( Namun akhir akhir ini, setelah generasi yang direncanakan dan dipersiapkan dengan hati-hati ini para trustee membantah klaim perusahaan pada Akun Jaminan dan bukannya siap untuk melepaskan dana untuk membangun kembali dunia).

10. This money is entirely backed by precious metals and jewels, constituting the wealth of the world that has always been everyone’s to share equally -but wasn’t. When released, this money will cancel all odious debt for every nation and every person on Earth. It is enough to make money and all its attachments irrelevant.
(Uang ini sepenuhnya didukung oleh logam mulia dan perhiasan, yang merupakan kekayaan dunia yang seharusnya setiap orang selalu mendapat bagian tetapi sama-sekali tapi tidak.Ketika dirilis,uang ini akan membatalkan semua hutang setiap bangsa, setiap orang dibumi. Hal ini cukup untuk membuat uang dan semua pendukungnya tidak relevan lagi).

11. This money, a sum large enough to guarantee the end of financial tyranny for everyone, is available now.
(Uang ini, satu jumlah yang cukup besar untuk menjamin berakhirnya tirani keuangan untuk Semua orang, dan sekarang uang ini sudah tersedia).

12. This money will enable long hidden technologies and medical breakthroughs to be released to all the people.
(Uang ini akan memungkinkan teknologi dan terobosan medis yang lama tersembunyi bisa dirilis kepada semua orang).

13. This money will enable the restoration of the planet’s natural environments and will support a commitment to keeping the planet healthy with clean energy.
( Uang ini akan memungkinkan pemulihan alami lingkungan planet ini dan akan mendukung komitmen untuk menjaga planet tetap sehat dengan energy yang bersih).

14. The proof of all this new information, including the hidden history of our planet, is available now if you look. This Information is less likely be found in the corporate- and government-owned mainstream media.
(Bukti dari semua informasi baru ini, termasuk sejarah tersembunyi planet kita ini, jika anda lihat sudah tersedia sekarang. Informasi ini sepertinya sedikit dapat ditemukan di media arus utama yang dimiliki perusahaan dan pemerintah).

15. Consider the fact that any bank mortgages you may have or other bank loans or tax payments you may owe are fraudulent. Humanity didn’t agree to be sold for corporations’ and governments’ excesses, mistakes and wars;
therefore no valid contract exists.
( Mempertimbangkan fakta bahwa ada hipotek bank yang mungkin anda miliki atau pinjaman bank lainnya atau anda mungkin berutang pembayaran pajak, adalah tindakan kecurangan. Kemanusiaan tidak menyetujui untuk dijual kepada korporasi dan ekses dari Kesalahan pemerintah, dan peperangan, karena dalam hal itu tidak ada kontrak yang sah) .

16. Consider that many new world communities have worked for decades - at significant risk to the people involved and their families - to ensure this distribution of the world’s wealth takes place peacefully.
(Pertimbangkan bahwa banyak masyarakat dunia baru telah bekerja selama beberapa decade dengan risiko yang besar terhadap orang dan keluarga mereka yang terlibat untuk menjamin distribusi kekayaan dunia berlangsung damai.)

17. As a result of this event some world leaders will be detained for a short period. No being will be harmed. A temporary government and new financial structure, already available, will be put into place.
(Sebagai hasil dari kegiatan ini beberapa pemimpin dunia akan ditahan untuk waktu yang singkat. Tidak ada yang akan dirugikan. Sebuah pemerintahan sementara dan struktur keuangan baru, sudah tersedia, akan diletakkan ditempatnya).

18. Help each other get these accounts released to the people of Earth and stop paying the bankers and their governments their fraudulent claims. Only together can we replace and eradicate our bankrupt system.
(Saling membantu dalam mendapatkan rekening rekening yang akan dberikan ke masyarakat dunia dan berhentilah membayar klaim curang dari para bankir dan pemerintahan. Hanya bersama-sama kita dapat mengganti dan membasmi sistem kita yang bangkrut ini.)

19. Accept that you are infinitely valuable and in every way free and that your portion of the wealth of the world is available for you now to enjoy in peace.
(Terimalah bahwa Anda betul betul sangat berharga dalam setiap kebebasan cara dan bahwa porsi dari kekayaan dunia yang tersedia untuk anda, bisa dinikmati dalam damai sekarang.)

20. All that remains for the people of Earth is to accept what is rightfully theirs: take back their share of the world’s wealth from those who fraudulently held it from them and claim their rights as equals among anyone. An event.
(Semua yang tersisa bagi masyarakat bumi untuk menerima apa yang menjadi hak mereka: ambil kembali bagian kekayaan dunia yang diambil dari mereka secara curang dan tuntut hak -hak yang sama diantara siapa pun.
Sebuah peristiwa.)

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