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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for all people to remove the shackles of tyranny, we may say, truly: this is the awakening, this is the enlightenment, an apocalypse, some kind of new order of all things. This is a call to the bearing of truth, a stripping away of falsehood. The time for honest individuals has returned.
This letter is a declaration.
All of us working diligently toward the above design now conclude that oppression in any form is no longer acceptable. All forms of oppression are at an end. We have collectively discovered independence – the end of the need for dependence. There will not be many moments in the course of history that affect every person alive in the way that this moment has the potential to do.
A great many people have made considerable sacrifices to achieve this moment. The time will come to acknowledge them and express our enormous gratitude for their work, but that time is not yet. A new beginning is at hand. We have arrived at the point at which the butterfly emerges from its cocoon and first flaps its wings.
An intelligent people realize there is a moment to set debate aside and take action. We are reminded that the American Revolution was preceded by the Massachusetts Rebellion, which turned a small movement into a national construct. When we know what we want, the Universe conspires to help us.
We used to follow the old precept that if we show weakness, we will be punished. That philosophy has passed its maturation and its utility. It is no longer germane. The formerly acceptable concept of slavery systems has now been rendered illegitimate. Some will say, how is this possible? It is possible because all that is known was once unknown.
Before Galileo, we did not know that the earth orbits the sun. Newton's three laws of motion: inertia, acceleration, and reaction force were unknown before he first articulated them. We will no longer be constrained by the old limitations of scarcity economics. Funds are now available to all so that we may live in dignity and prosperity.
Our present crisis is both energetic and inevitable. This is the moment to leave the failing systems we have known behind and seek fortune in the bountiful waters of the unknown. In so saying, we address all the people: not the powerful or the rich or the poor; simply "we, the people". Our interpersonal dynamics are no different from the dynamics of our system of governance and management. As above, so below.
Calm proceeds from our sense of reason. Yet this is the end of reason as we formerly understood it. As we now dismantle old precepts of the slavery system, we sail into uncharted waters Our old maps do not serve us anymore. Harmony, replacing reason, is our brand new navigation tool. As navigators, we are now shifting from the sextant to GPS. For most of us this is a completely new way of navigating.

A new day has come.

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