Selasa, 14 Mei 2013


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  1. I am trying to reach Apri Alang Jr- to please deliver this invitation.

    To the Revered Apriyanto,

    I request your kindness to deliver an invitation to HM. KING OF KINGS MR.A1.SINO from I UV, The One People Offered in Joy & Co-creation.

    Please find attached a .PDF of a letter of thanks and invitation to the King of
    Kings, if you would be so kind as to act as messenger that he receive our letter of invitation.

    Thank you for your contribution to NEO The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth.

    With respect and gratitude,
    Ms. BZ Riger
    Please find the electronic version of the invitation letter I am referencing at

    1. Thank you for your invitation, sir.
      We are very pleased with what you write, you are the Divine messengers to carry out this mission in the community.

      I tell them what you want to the M1

      thanks to you
      Please send us your email